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Shaolln Kung Fu's Monkey Style Contains the Origin of the 'Lord Kong' Legend


Shaolin Kung Fu's Monkey Style 

Contains the Origin of the 'Lord Kong' Legend

Shaolln Kung Fu's Monkey Style
Shaolln Kung Fu's Monkey Style

Shaolln Kung Fu's Monkey Style Contains the Origin of the 'Lord Kong' Legend 

Hand to hand fighting perusers might know about the 72 Secret and Consummate Arts of The Shaolin Temple. These Secret Fighting Exercises or "Kungs" show up in Wu Cheng En's fourteenth Century Classic Novel, 'The Journey West'. This portrays Sun Wu Kung (King Monkey) as 'Ace of the 72 Transformations', yet presently accessible English interpretations pass on no comprehension of this key truth's genuine importance. Shaolin Monk Xuanzang is the key!



Victorian Values

The Victorians (and their successors) lacking Kung Fu, Qigong, Feng Shui, Lion Dance, 5 Elements Theory/'Wuxing', "Ghanzhi" System information and a great deal more (obviously) completely altered these from their interpretations of Chinese History and Literature, changed them into 'something rich and peculiar' (yet certainly not Kung Fu, Qigong, Feng Shui and so on) or supplanted them with something else altogether. Close by contemporary ethnocentrism, this militates against legitimate comprehension of Chinese Culture, particularly if such sources are viewed as definitive, to our detriment.


Shaolin Monk Xuanzang's (600-664 CE) Journey West into Nepal and past is this fourteenth Century Ming authentic novel's genuine subject. This adventure instantly took after the foundation of Li Shi-Min (599-646 CE) later Emperor Taizhong's Tang Dynasty. This was because of Shaolin Temple military mediation, which Western Histories additionally totally overlook. It's hard to believe, but it's true, the Shaolin Temple spared the Tang Dynasty and Xuanzang was a Shaolin Monk- - additionally he was likewise a Monkey King 'Wu Kung' ('Martial Strong') i.e. they were one-and-a similar individual!

Lamentably, the Victorians (some still consider these extraordinary experts) were unconscious of Kung Fu, Qigong, Feng Shui, entomb alia, don't worry about it that (Shaolin) Buddhist Monks (Tang times onwards particularly) could be super hot examples of all these and the sky is the limit from there. A Shaolin Monk could likewise be a 'Monkey King' best Monkey-Style (Houquan) Kung Fu Champion (Wang Kung or Monkey King)! In any case, overlook it, it would be path past inauspicious Victorian ethnocentrism for them to know about this.

Shaolln Kung Fu's Monkey Style

Lord Kong

'Wang Kung' deciphers as "Ruler" Kung which turns out to be further westernized as 'Lord Kong'... furthermore, the rest is history... be that as it may, an independently wrong and unequal western one for this situation as we perceive how the story has been twisted!

Genuine Tales of 'Monkey Kings'

Late mourned Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong never guaranteed to be a Monkey King (in spite of the fact that Monkey system is a key element of 5 Ancestors Fist as instructed by Si Jo Chee's school). Be that as it may, he once crushed a uniquely bombastic Monkey King... utilizing Monkey aptitudes(1).

'Ruler Kong' Asian wrestling Champion in the late 1950's, was crushed in an epic Challenge coordinate by the late, similarly bemoaned Grandmaster and Changquan, Si Jo Leong Fu, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Leong Fu continued to end up 3x World Middleweight Wrestling Champion before resigning undefeated in 1963. While Si Jo Leong Fu's Changquan consolidates key components of Monkey style, he too never asserted Monkey King status (2).

Clever, agreeable Japanese T.V. serial "Monkey" likewise contains numerous untrustworthy perspectives missing from the first. In this Buddha is female and Daoist Immortal/Buddhist Bodhisattva Kuan Yin male (Yin can't be Yang!). The two are portrayed contrastingly in the Shaolin Temple's focal Chan Do/contemplation lobby. The two figures stand one next to the other in genuine yin/yang adjust uncovering Buddhism and Daoism's key between relationship and normal source (3).

This topic is a component of Wu Cheng En's 'Adventure West'. The Ming Dynasty innovation of the novel empowered individual and human points of interest's expansion to occasions condensed in Dynastic Records. 'Travel West' gives human intrigue subtle elements and related experiences into Shaolin Monk Xuanhang and his friends' undertakings on that most popular moving verifiable adventure of all.




(1) Fuller points of interest are introduced in Vol. 2 of 'Kung Fu Secrets " Magazine altered and distributed by my most esteeemed Teacher Grandmaster Yap Leong

(2) Grandmaster Yap let me know of this epic encounter as he was brought up in Ipoh, Malaysia where Si Jo Leong Fu's Kung Fu School was based, growing up only a couple of lanes away. Leong Fu's wrestling triumphs are likewise a matter of Public Record

(3) The criticalness of this Daoist Immortal's nearness in the Shaolin Temple is not, I feel, completely refreshing in the West

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