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Martial Arts: Wing Chun Do Versus Jeet Kune Do


Martial Arts: Wing Chun Do Versus Jeet Kune Do

Martial Arts: Wing Chun Do Versus Jeet Kune Do
Martial Arts: Wing Chun Do Versus Jeet Kune Do

Martial Arts: Wing Chun Do Versus Jeet Kune Do

What is Wing Chun Do?

Many people typically question me if there's any reference to the Jeet Kune Do of the late player.

Their area unit several variations between the 2, however, I actually have to be honest with you and say that my inspiration started once I was half-dozen years previous observation player movies and so eventually reading several books on his life, coaching ways and connections he had between making Jeet Kune Do and also the Wing Chun System.

So feel relaxed, this can be not a piece of writing claiming we tend to area unit higher or worse.



A little regarding my history

I feel I'm terribly lucky and privileged, I started Wing Chun in 1973 below the late Jim Fung direct lineage with participant Tsui Shun Tin and at the instant still the oldest living direct student of the late nice participant bark Man teacher of the late player. Wow! That was a mouthful.

Well, thirty-eight years have passed and that I am lucky enough to own trained and learned with several masters from differing Wing, Ving, Tsun and Chun lineages. I'm unhappy to mention that even nowadays as I observe that when a few years there's still a lot of dustups, badmouthing between families and lineages within which this can be one thing I try to steer clear from.

I associate degreed} keep an open mind and feel that several serious practitioners from totally different lineages have one thing to supply.

I conjointly perceive that several want to proclaim originality, credibility to what they're doing and you'll be able to see particularly on the net that it is a real mix between mass selling and business versus what is very real and what very works and additional significantly United Nations agency is de facto qualified?

So I will see there's still lots of confusion out there, and unhappy American statention} however it looks to me that United Nations agency markets the most effective area unit typically taken as being the most effective.

I guess one amongst the necessary issue that I learned as a baby reading Bruce Lee's philosophies is that the indisputable fact that golf shot you to the check and experimenting perpetually is that the sole manner you are ever reaching to grow.

So that is what I did. Believe me, I actually have had several street confrontations and that I have paid an important value physically and that I dare say mentally. therefore let ME recommend that no matter you would like to do I might aim to duplicate and simulate it within the athletic facility, with protecting instrumentation, a form of the referee and learn to be truthful and cooperative and train with balance.

I'm not fascinated by promoting myself as a high unconquerable fighter, I do not wish to be that. I simply grasp that what I actually have learned and trained works on behalf of me, I hope and need a similar for you.

It is important for anybody coaching in martial arts to look at themselves and be realistic. do not fall for selling scams, do not fall for tales of indomitability, do not fall for 'We area unit the one and solely true Wing system'

Seeking this kind of security in all probability means perhaps, possibly, you in some purpose of your life must assess your fragility and sense of insecurity. Weak individuals get indomitability, in my opinion. Then what will be unconquerable mean?

OK well, this area unit all queries that might in all probability open up more topics and at this time steers aloof from the topic at hand.

My biggest analysis altogether these years is knowing Chi Sao. Therefore I came to a conclusion a few years past that Chi Sao isn't a group mechanism solely meant for Wing Chun. Wing Chun is actually the most effective nucleus for learning Chi Sao, however, believe ME, once you perceive the mechanics you'll be able to apply Chi Sao to any system of fighting, well virtually any system. I have not had the time to do all out...

In thirty-seven years I actually have had time to appear into Boxing and train it for many years, Thai Boxe, Escrima and also the basics of wrestling. There area unit different forms I actually have practiced however the list starts to urge long and breathless and I am going to find yourself boring you.

My main interests are within the development and understanding of body mechanics, however, the body, bone, muscle and systema nervosum interacts once drug stress. additional significantly, however, will the body cycle power and the way the body reacts once attacked. Not a simple road, however, I player several conclusions.



Obviously, I cannot tell you everything I actually have coated in one article, however, I hope to supply interest and write several others within the future.

One downside is that on a public profile many of us are told regarding the advantages of Chi Sao. for instance, Chi Sao will increase flexibility, coordination, helps you attain additional sensibility, will increase speed, reflex capability, helps you to grasp and apply a way to recycle the energy and force of your opponent, with minimum force you'll be able to beat stronger opponents, use his aggression against him, creates involuntary reflexes within which you'll be able to react and not assume ad libitum against any aggressor. and also the list goes on and on.

It all sounds smart however essentially, what percentage individuals have you ever seen in your life do all this in a very real fight situation? and that I mean real fighting, not cooperative demos, I repeat, real fighting.

So at this time you almost certainly suppose I'm unhealthy mouthing the Wing Chun system however it is not the case, as I aforementioned before I would like you to be realistic.

Wing Chun historically speaking was purported to be a method which will mix in and deflect any combat system, however, the question is ' however are you able to mate if you've got no alternative combat system to refer to?' you will find that a lot of train inside their own faculty and structure while not ever examination themselves to other realities. I assume that is what created Bruce Lee distinctive.

A lot of individuals keep and follow the schematics of Chi Sao and establish sadly that after they realize somebody World Health Organization doesn't move the method they are doing they do not skills to form it operate. Therefore I've seen this happen again and again before, in truth it even happened to ME after I began to believe I used to be at a decent level. There were the days I simply needed to throw it all away, deeply annoyed of all the hours I had endowed and having minimum results. Even additional frustrating was the very fact that after I did have a true street fight I found that a lot of-of the techniques I used wherever restricted to 1 or 2 strikes and never applying Chi Sao.

So I took it as a learning curve and began everywhere once more. You see the body is pretty restricted once filled with worry and catecholamine or deep levels of emotions that square measure conflicting inside you. I believed 'now wait a minute! There has got to be a less complicated method.'

So that is wherever Wing Chun Do steps in, I finished up developing programs that coincidently square measure quite simple to use and not therefore difficult to coach. They work the motor functions of movements that you're additional probably to use in real combat and still provides you the principles of operating Chi Sao all told its forms, angles, body position weight distribution on or at nearly any level.

The programs square measure distinctive however really I even have extracted the work from learning the most body structures and positioning, stances from alternative systems that square measure wide used and are around for several years.

Wing Chun Do Chi Sao or higher still what I term as 'Global Chi Sao' extremely helps you to feel and work with alternative fighting systems, perceive the mechanics, collaborate with alternative martial artists while not the dogma of being higher distinctive and authentic, and thus avoiding creating enemies. additional significantly it extremely provides you an associate understanding of the sturdy points that everyone system have to be compelled to supply. I assume what's really extraordinary to Wing Chun Do is that as Bruce Lee termed his art, it's free from schemes and might take any type. on behalf of me, this can be added a tribute to the enlargement and evolution of Wing Chun. I'm the sort of guy that likes to honor the roots he came from.

Well, Wing Chun Do will have a definite operating model, it's not a system created by here say or demode philosophies and what I term as body Chi Sao or world Chi Sao will add an awfully sensible and purposeful method.

I'll provide you with a few of examples, I'm presently teaching the WTD Chi Sao to a neighborhood boxing champion, strength to notice is that he does not ought to begin yet again and do Wing Chun or begin a brand new vogue, he stays with the art he loves. Sounds pretty smart, does not it?

That is to mention that learning Wing Tchun Do Chi Sao will want time and follow, not everything happens overnight. And one issue needless to say Wing Chun Do could be a smart implement to the prevailing vogue you're doing currently.

On a private analysis note I hope that through the nucleus of Wing Chun, Tsun and Chi Sao, I will unite several systems of combat with an operating model that links Chi Sao to all or any systems of combat.



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